Sound Off

Sound Off for Aug. 5: School supplies are parents’ responsibility

Stop this

As I sit eating at Baja Beach, I can look into the Gulf and see five outfalls. Come on. I know the Gulf cities have $1.4 billion to rework this insidious drainage that is polluting our Coast waters.

Parents’ job

Enough already about begging for school supplies. It is your responsibility as parents — not mine! Been there, done that.

Nature’s way

Being new to the area of Ocean Springs, I noticed 90 percent of the homes display their garbage cans directly in their front yards. Is this a Southern tradition here in Mississippi or just to make it convenient when pickup day arrives? Some cans even have raccoons living in them. What a novel way to help out nature.

Hold your nose

To Trump supporters: If you must, hold your nose and vote for Trump. Clinton will bring more of the same — and keep this in mind, the next president will most likely choose three to four new Supreme Court justices.

Please explain

Before the Bay St. Louis City Council makes a decision on making Court Street one way, perhaps someone needs to come up with an enforcement plan. You see, the city has been unable to enforce parking on Main Street. On any given day, take 10 cars parked in the 100 block of Main, and you can bet five of them are not parked legally. So what will happen on Court Street?


I live in Woolmarket, in the county, and I have yet to see any trucks spraying for mosquitoes this year. Past summers, we have always seen or at least heard the spraying trucks at night, but not once this summer. Has the spraying stopped? With all the Zika news going around (and I know they haven’t come to Mississippi yet), you would think the spraying would be a continuous occurrence.

Gets results

I attended Angel Kilber-Middleton’s town hall meeting a couple of months ago. One issue we discussed was the drainage problem at the Canal Road/Smith Road intersection. It seemed every time we got an extreme rain event, this section of Canal Road had to be closed. Last week, more culverts were installed and the ditches were cleared to allow more flow. That being said, all I can say is town hall meetings work.

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