Sound Off

Sound Off for Aug. 4: Too much texting going on

No option

Trump by his words and actions is causing many Republicans to say they will hold their nose and vote for Hillary.

Too much texting

Texting has become an epidemic! We all know about texting while driving, but we also have texting while walking, texting while using a bicycle, texting while skateboarding and even texting while roller skating. I have seen all of these in my own neighborhood. I won’t even mention Pokemon because that is another subject. Watch out!

Getting old

I must be getting old. I can remember as a kid being able to open a candy bar wrapping with my hands. I bought a candy bar today and had to use scissors to cut it open. Why are the manufacturers using super glue on their packaging?

While you’re at it

Since Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes is trying for competition with the ambulance service, why can’t someone (our elected officials) fight to get competition for cable service, and have more than just Cable One?

Could it be?

According to the CDC, Mississippi has the fifth fewest Vibrio cases for coastal states in the U.S. Only three states in the New England region and Alaska have fewer cases. Maybe our drainage system is keeping the Vibrio bacteria limited in Mississippi.

Bad politics

Do you really want the cheapest ambulance service? I would like to have more rather than less when I need emergency medical care. Bid low to get the contract and cut corners to increase profits when they get it. Are the supervisors expert enough to make such a decision? No. So they hire experts for a large sum to make it for them. EMS is not a desirable political issue no matter how the news media tries to make it.

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