Sound Off

Sound off for Aug. 3: Ignoring stop signs is dangerous


I am completely astounded at the lack of consideration regarding drivers in Ocean Springs. Starting at the stop signs to turn onto Point Aux Chenes, those stop signs are completely ignored as well as the stop signs at Point Aux Chenes and Peabody. People don’t even slow down at those stop signs. Going down Peabody is just as dangerous, as no one drives the speed limit.

Spiteful decision

“Who cares?” Do you think you made up your mind, if you’re only leaning in the other direction, because someone else leaned in another direction? I think not! You’re making a decision out of spite.

Over the top

Trump’s mouth and over-inflated ego can lead our country where we don’t want to go. Imagine the conversation between him and North Korea’s inflated ego mouth. And they both would have nuclear weapons. We don’t need a non-thinking egotistical president. It’s way too dangerous.

Wasted effort

Gov. Phil Bryant needs to focus less on his stand on LGBT and spend more time on trying to balance the budget without poaching from the BP fund.

Teachers provide

Most parents do not provide school supplies for their children. The costs fall back onto the teacher. Students break and chew on their pencils and crayons. Again, the cost falls back onto the teacher to replace them. Notebook paper gets drawn on and made into paper airplanes. Tissues get pulled out five at a time, blown in once and thrown away. Teachers have to provide for a large portion of supplies for 25-plus students. When supplies were provided after Katrina, it ruined everything because now parents think they do not have to do it. Those parents who go far and beyond to help the teacher are most-appreciated and make your child’s teacher the envy of the hallway. Give our teachers a break and buy your child’s supplies. Don’t forget the wish list. Tissues, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, cleaning wipes. Thank you.

Make a law

Get involved. Every person needs to call their state legislator and tell them that they must pass a law that makes a crime against any first responder a hate crime. This bill needs to come with hard prison time that is mandatory and not left up to a judge’s discretion. We need to also make certain that the roll call is published so that we, the people, can see who, if any, vote against such bill.

Stand firm

The media continues to hit Trump at every chance. Stand firm. No Clintons in the White House.

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