Sound Off

Sound Off for July 29: County Farm Road needs work

I want to Cruise

I would like to see Cruisin’ events shift two hours later, so I could attend them after work.

Road delays

I’ve talked to just about every government agency that I can think of and there seems to be no plans to make lane improvements under I-10 on County Farm Road. MDOT is going to do a study in about five years when they plan to widen I-10 to three lanes each way from Exit 28 to Diamondhead, but until then, good luck behind that semi trying to make a left turn on to the freeway.

Divided by. . .?

We’ve allowed ourselves to be conquered by division, and most of us can’t name the dividers. That’s why we will continue to stay conquered.

Grammar matters

The people who complain when others correct someone’s grammar are the same people who, when they were in grade school, got to history class and asked, “English doesn’t count on a history test, does it?” Please be aware that grammar “counts” in life. People do judge you by the way you speak and write.

Turn signals?

I am a senior citizen, and I can remember when all new cars sold included turn signals in the sale of the car. In today’s world, I am led to believe the manufacturers no longer include turn signals in their new cars. Why? Very few new cars use signals when turning. They just stop in front of you and turn off.

Anyone care?

There is a wide sidewalk being built along the north side of C.T. Switzer Road in Biloxi. I wonder how many people are expected to be using it and why it is so wide. On the other hand, many people walk along Courthouse Road and Pass Road in Gulfport, but there are no sidewalks. Does anyone care?

Sad situation

Gautier truly has fallen on hard times. Prime commercial real estate in my old beloved town will be home to yet another auto parts store. That makes three. This property should have been zoned for a much-needed family restaurant only. The old Singing River Mall continues to be a “third world country” blight on U.S. 90 and it appears the good mayor and City Council are frozen yet again in a time warp — similar to the unproductive late 1990s and early 2000 years. Very sad.

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