Sound Off

Sound Off for July 28: Reader mourns MHP trooper Gazzo


May God grant eternal rest to Sgt. Joe Gazzo of the MHP and heal the hearts of his family!

Very likable

Even Donald Trump likes Michelle Obama. Wow!

Pick up trash

The city of Biloxi should do more about following up on people who rent homes and when they leave they leave all their trash on the road. The city public utilities do not pick up on trash days. Special trucks come out apparently, but where is the truck these last couple of days to weeks? It is so horrible to let our neighborhood look like an open trash dump. Please, city of Biloxi, do your job. Send a trash truck to pick up the unwanted trash.

Get a hobby

Do you watch the news to hear what is going on or just want to hear if everyone is using the correct words? Now you are correcting the Sun Herald’s grammar. You need a hobby. I had fewer figs this year. That means “less,” right?

Sad sight

Viewing the DNC and noticing the Bernie folks in the audience, some crying, is like watching an army whose general has defected.

Make my day

I know my day is absolutely ruined if the toilet paper holder isn’t at the exact right height.

Anyone know?

The Gulfport Small Craft Harbor is so nice and peaceful, especially at night. Will the proposed casino ruin that?

The problem

The big problem with big government is that there are too many public servants who make decisions for which they are not held accountable.

Noticeable absence

On the opening day of the Democratic Convention, there were 61 speeches and ISIS wasn’t mentioned once. I’ll bet before the convention is over we hear about climate change, LGBTQ rights and other topics.

Bad timing

Last year I noticed that most afternoon Cruisin’ The Coast events would end around 4:30 p.m. This vents Cruisers on to our main roadways just as Keesler personnel and locals are getting off work and are commuting home. Surly organizers can see the logic of ending their afternoon events at 3-3:30 p.m. to avoid the traffic problems that have made Crusin’ The Coast a promotion many Coast natives dread every year. Plan with your locals in mind as well visitors. No one likes traffic congestion.

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