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Sound Off writers have some advice for Rep. Jeff Guice

Jeff Guice, R-Ocean Springs
Jeff Guice, R-Ocean Springs

Please explain

Why are fireworks in the city of Biloxi legal to sell but illegal to explode? I know the police do not enforce this law. Why is that?

Who to blame

Don’t blame the representative completely for his rude remarks to the mother with a diabetic child needing Medicaid assistance. Our Republican governor refused the federal assistance to states to help with such situations. I wonder how many others, adults and children, have been denied rightful assistance. I wonder how many conditions were worsened and/or could have been fatal for lack of assistance. Large tax breaks were allowed to companies and now, due to financial shortfalls, the governor is seeking to dip into the state’s emergency funds. So, when we have a state of emergency, where do we go next? Taxes to the middle class, I assume. Come election time, let us not forget these actions — it seems to me Democratic-governed states are more compassionate, caring for the needs of their people.

Change or die

Britons voted to leave the EU because they want things to stay as they were. Nothing stays the same. Everything changes except things that are stagnant or dead. Britons might find that description fitting them in the future.

Don’t do?

Rep. Guice takes a forceful stance against a young mother from his iPhone, but runs behind his door when confronted by the media, stating he “doesn’t do interviews.” You don’t do interviews? We don’t vote for you.

Who yields

Many local drivers enter the freeway expecting the traffic already on the freeway to move over for them. I was almost hit by such a driver yesterday when the lane to my left was full. I had to brake in heavy traffic for a driver that didn’t even look, expecting the traffic to move for him. Every entry ramp has a sign with the international symbol for “yield,” the red upside-down triangle, and the word “yield” written in the triangle in English. If you’re entering the freeway, it’s you who are to yield.


Shame on you, Jeff. I am appalled at a response from Rep. Jeffrey Guice of Ocean Springs regarding a mother’s plea for help in getting much-needed diabetic supplies for her child. She was not asking Guice to open his wallet. She was asking him as well as other representatives to help parents navigate through the Medicaid system. Guice, can’t you at least “act” like you care?

Any reason?

Is there any reason the police are not enforcing “the dark-tinted windows” law?

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