Sound Off

Sound Off for June 21: Where are you, Steven Palazzo?

 Congressman Steven Palazzo greets constituents and supporters in downtown Gulfport.
AMANDA McCOY/SUN HERALD/2011 Congressman Steven Palazzo greets constituents and supporters in downtown Gulfport. SUN HERALD

Go back and read the Sound Off about carding the 83-year-old again. It was clearly talking about the employer not the employees.

The one responsible

Regarding vests, there is one person, and one person only, who is responsible for safety aboard a vessel and that is the master. If he thinks vests are not necessary, they aren't necessary -- period!

I don't do dumb

Business owners, I assume you're advertising to sell your products or services. I have some advice for you. Do not insult a customer's intelligence with dumb, idiotic actors portraying stupid people. I for one will not buy a product or service from your ads which constantly show people acting dumb, obnoxious and just plain stupid. Dumb commercials will not sell your product.

Card question

I read your June 12 Sound Off, "School loves cards." Could you tell me more? Do they want just the front of the card or names just cut from the cards and what schools will take these cards? I appreciate your help.

No thanks?

Why is it graduates feel comfortable sending an invitation they expect you to attend? Sometimes it is people they seldom see or have never met. A month ago, I sent checks to two graduates. The only acknowledgement I have received to date is the check clearing on my bank statement.

Equal enforcement

To "Why pick on them?": Because if you allow The Shed to break building codes, we all may want to break building codes. The Shed owners knew they needed a permit to rebuild. I'm tired of this grandfather law just for some.

It's up to each voter

To "Really, Oprah": You have a right to vote for who you want for president. Oprah had talked about retiring 10 years ago. She always said she wanted to leave her show when it was doing great -- and she did. Her network OWN is not struggling. I don't know if you know this, but she doesn't have to work. She owns a lot more than her network.

Where is Steve?

The only time you see Congressman Steven Palazzo is at election time or when a ship is being christened. He has remained silent through the GOP political shoot out and hasn't mentioned the LGBT community or what happened in Orlando. He also hasn't said anything regarding ISIS and what he feels needs to be done. It is true he is just one man. However, his constituents want to know who he is supporting and what his stance is on current events. When you are a politician, you must chose a side. If I can't hear from you now, don't ask me for my vote at election time.