Sound Off

Sound Off for June 18: Why would Oprah endorse Hillary Clinton?

Oprah Winfrey.
Oprah Winfrey. PRNewsFoto/Weight Watchers International

Tonight on the news there was a story about a group that took several young people out on their first fishing trip. A nice thing to do, with the fancy boat and equipment and going very fast with engines totaling 1,000 horsepower. However, I was shocked to see that while this boat was going at a high rate of speed and the kids were fishing, no one on the boat was wearing a life vest. Is there no law in this area requiring vests to be worn?

Hands off

President Obama has given a new meaning to the term "laissez faire." Let Isis do what Isis wants to do! The Orlando shooter, an avowed Muslim, should not have allowed to buy a gun, given his statements at work and being under FBI investigation. I think it is political correctness that caused his co-workers to not report him for fear that they would be considered Islamophobic. I even thing the FBI is restricted by political correctness in its protocol for investigations.

No gun-free zones

The Orlando shooter did not have an automatic weapon. He had a semi-automatic rifle and pistol which required him to squeeze off a round at the rate of about one per second. It is estimated that he had to reload at least 12 times. At each reloading, it was physically impossible for him to fire the other weapon. Had there been one or more authorized gun carriers at the club, the shooter could have been taken out and the number of victims would have been drastically reduced. Gun-free zones are killing zones.

Barriers needed?

Can someone tell me why Disney's response to the recent death of a 2 year old is to put up signs warning of alligators? Why don't they simply remove the alligators from lagoons and waters where children will be present? They could be relocated to other areas where they wouldn't pose a threat. If their waterways are porous allowing the gators to invade places where children will be, they could simply erect barriers to prevent access. Common Sense.

Really, Oprah?

Some never learn. I read this week that Oprah has endorsed Hillary Clinton. It's amazing how times change. Hillary wasn't good enough for Oprah eight years ago. Some would argue that her endorsement of Obama cost her the "Oprah" show. Shortly after endorsing Obama, her ratings began to slip, and she announced the show would be coming to an end. Now with owning her struggling network, OWN, you would think she had learned a lesson.