Sound Off

Sound Off for June 17: Why pick on The Shed?

A table at The Shed Barbeque and Blues in Joint in Jackson County
A table at The Shed Barbeque and Blues in Joint in Jackson County BEACH BLVD
Beautiful day!

Gulf Coast another beautiful day to be alive in the South, yeah! Take a ride on U.S. 90 doing a little less than the speed limit. Appreciate what we are blessed to see, enjoy! Help who you can, give a big howdy, smile. It's a wonderful life. It is the only one we have a chance with. I love Gulf Coast.

Get a belt!

Parents of young men who can't keep their pants up, please buy them a belt. The public does not want or need to know what your child's underwear looks like. It's to the point of being indecent exposure.

Why pick on them?

The Shed has gotten exposure for the Gulf Coast. Why wasn't the person quick to jump in before The Shed started to rebuild about permits? What happened to the grandfather law? Why pick on them? Do you want to lose business? Exceptions are made for other things.

Hiller Park

Even before Hurricane Katrina, calling the city and parks, they never seemed interested in oldest Hiller Park. Hiller should have been No. 1 redone after Katrina. Dixie, thanks for taking interest, doing something. Don't forget there are alligators in the water. Please post signs that people are not to feed them. They do move fast. Police the area will need you to patrol and protect. Thanks!

Heavens to Trump

You'll never believe what's just happened in the last few hours. God came down from heaven to ask Donald Trump how to better run heaven. The Donald reportedly replied, "That place has not been run by smart deities. I'll make heaven great again."

Don't push me

To all Diamondhead drivers. When you see my small grey car around Diamondhead be advised that I will be going the speed limit and I will come to a complete stop at stop signs. If you run into me at the sign I will own you. One warning is all I need to hold on to my hard-gotten money. So be warned. I am serious. I will sue if you hit me. Make faces and shake fists, it won't change a thing. You can get the ticket. I won't.

What's with dumpsters?

We have all heard about Fish Bone ally opening soon in Gulfport, there are other things that could have been done to create a more welcoming atmosphere than to turn an ally into a walk way. Most ally ways are where the trash containers are located, and recently I have seen a few dumpsters enclosed with chain link fence on the south side of 13th Street just west of Fish Bone. Is this a sign of more dumpsters to come? Are we now closing ally ways and relocating the dumpsters on the curb side for all the tourist to see?