Sound Off

Sound Off for June 16

Words to remember

I don't know who said it? Today is the first day of the rest of your life. When your feet hit the floor every morning "you are blessed." You may have another full day to enjoy. Tell everyone that you're close to you love them. If possible give them a hug/kiss. Never know when it's the last you or they will receive. Blessings on the Gulf Coast, I love y'all. Have a happy!

God is love

God loves all of his children regardless of skin color or sexual orientation. God desires that all his children live their lives according to his will, not the politically-correct will of the world. God's will is only for your well-being and eternal joy with him in his Heaven.


Simply make profit from firearm sales illegal. End of problem.

No one?

If I read between the lines in a recent paper the taxpayers of Jackson County are going to cover the cost of the financial situation that went on at Singing River Hospital System. True or false, is there to be no one held accountable?

Stricter laws won't help

Here we go again with the call to have stiffer gun control laws. Do these people not realize that the only ones stricter laws will affect are the law-abiding citizens? The criminal element will always find a way to get the weapons they want.

Here's an idea

I saw in a recent newspaper the box of guns, knives and whatever else confiscated during a search at Ronald Reagan airport. Solution to problem: Build a holding cell at airports, tear up offending passenger's ticket, place that passenger in the holding cell overnight and charge them $500 to get out of jail.

Great experience

My father and I attended our first Shuckers' game on Sunday afternoon. We had the best experience. We couldn't stop smiling. Every staff member from ticket sales, to section attendants, to concession servers were so welcoming and attentive. I am sharing this because in this day and age, there are so many places that barely deliver courteous service -- so much so that it has become the norm. The Shuckers organization obviously works very hard and succeeded in making this a fun day for the patrons. I am sorry that I haven't been attending regularly. But that has changed. We had already picked our seats for the next game before we left the stadium. We are excited about our next game. Please go and take your children. It is a very affordable and fun family day. You don't want to miss this. Go Shuckers! ( And by the way, the team is great, too. They won!) We can be very proud of this first-class organization in our community.