Sound Off

Sound Off for June 15

Her job?

Surveys and polls indicate the largest concern of the voters is the stagnant U.S. economy. Clinton says, if elected, she is to put her husband in charge of fixing it. So what is her job going to be?

Anyone know?

I would love to know how to reach the person who is interested in discussing the classics -- or to know how to get in touch with a group on the Coast (if there is a group).

Here's an idea

I don't know where to take them, but I've seen instructions for making origami Christmas ornaments out of old cards. Just a thought.

Control it

I agree with Seal Avenue residents. We must have building standards to preserve our small-town atmosphere. They need to fit in. Example, drive down almost any street in Mobile, even McDonald's looks in place. We can control this issue and will be better off for it.

Dress code?

We were watching the news about the sad shooting in Moss Point and happened to notice the female police officer's uniform, consisting of skin-tight pants and high stiletto shoes. Is that the new uniform code? Don't think she would be able to run fast if needed.

Great public servant

I want to thank Mike Mullins, D'Iberville's public works and facilities director for taking so much of his time with me to explain what goes into building subdivisions and various city projects. I thought I knew a little bit about building. As he talked I realized I didn't know anything. This man gave me so much valuable information I sat there thinking he should be teaching this at some college. So much knowledge and patience. We need this type of individual throughout local, state and federal levels.

Pay your share

Please don't tell me about your "cash" business with the implications that you are somehow outsmarting the evil government. You and I are the "we the people." I am your aunt, your nephew, your best friend, your neighbor. When you don't pay your taxes, I have to pay your share. Please save me the explanation. I am tired.

Proper use, please

Will the coastal marine environmental professionals please begin to advocate for the proper use of BP funds to restore our devastated marine environment. Where are you? I loved the Gulfport aquarium as a child growing up on the Coast. But a new $15 million aquarium in Gulfport has nothing to do with restoring and protecting our marine environment. Nor does a Keesler gateway in Biloxi or a convention center in D'Iberville. Everyone has a hand in the cookie jar when big money pours in. Where are the public hearings?