Sound Off

Sound Off for June 14

Proper response

Honor Orlando by donating a pint of blood. Show our strength through non-violence.

Gun control, please

Terror? How can one person harm, kill so many? Gun control needs to come back. We are setting ourselves up like ducks at a fair. You don't know who is going to get upset about what?

Good read!

Just wanted to say how much my husband, and I enjoyed the "Isle of Caprice" article in Sunday's paper. We just love reading/hearing about old-time coastal events. Thank you!

Pay attention

Who is watching the people on the watch list?

Good news!

In stark contrast to the road renewal nightmares being experienced in East Biloxi, the crew charged with replacing the Kapalama bridge in Diamondhead, allocated four weeks, is going to be finished in only two weeks. They deserve to have their efforts highlighted in an article.

Stop it

We must defend. It appears the attack in a bar in Orlando was that of terrorism. The next could be in a casino or the Coliseum or a ball park right in your back yard. We must stop these acts before they become an everyday part of our lives.

Leaders needed

Surely after this tragic event in Orlando someone in Washington will wake up and call evil what it is and declare war against the Islamic terrorists. We are already at war, but no one seems to accept the reality. Thank God for the leaders of World War II. If only we had one now.

Take action

Once again we've had to suffer news of a mass shooting, this time the deadliest one in our nation's history. Once again Republicans will express their sorrow and say they're praying for the victims and their families, but won't follow through with any meaningful action or legislation aimed at preventing such tragedies in the future. If you have the power to make something better, but do nothing, then your prayers are empty and in vain.

Impossible task

Does the person who blames the family of the Waffle House shooter realize that they have little control over their relative? It is impossible for the law to do anything until a crime takes place. They can't be committed to an institution unless the person agrees to treatment. So what is the family to do? It would not be possible to watch this person 24 hours a day, especially elderly parents. I think people should not lay blame until they have walk in the other person's shoes.