Sound Off

Sound Off for June 13

Interesting insects

The white butterflies being seen are cabbage whites -- of the family Pieridae. They are quite abundant and are early arrivals in the spring. Many cabbage whites choose mustards as food plants. Female whites lay their eggs on members of the mustard family which includes cabbage and broccoli -- of the family Cruciferae.

Get it right

"Deficit" is not the same as "debt!" A deficit is the amount of money the government spends each year that is more than the amount of money they take in. The deficit would be zero each year if they only spent exactly what was taken in. Our $20 trillion dollars in debt is the accumulation of all the deficits over the years plus interest. Reducing the deficit does not reduce the total debt! The only way to reduce the debt is to spend less than what is taken in each year and then use that surplus each year to pay toward the debt.

Be mindful

It's a sad report about the guy who shot the Waffle House server who was just doing her job. It could have been anyone, but I feel sorry for both parties. The shooter had more than his share of bad luck, and the thing that bothers me is if he family knew he could snap, why wouldn't they control his whereabouts? He has mental problems, so that's like letting a wild dog on the loose; you don't do it. Both families are now heartbroken over something that might have been prevented. Families, don't leave your loved ones with similar conditions in the same situation -- alone.

Trump isn't Christlike

I don't understand all of these church-going people who are pro-Trump. Jesus said not to judge others and to treat them as you would treat yourself, and he said to love, respect and help others. Aren't Christian churches built on the teachings of Jesus? Pro-Trump Christians are not following the teachings of the deity they claim to worship.

Before you vote

Anyone planning on supporting Trump for president should first read the Sunday column by Leonard Pitts Jr. It's very informative.

Love of literature

There is a new book club in Bay St. Louis that might focus on classics.

Diverging diamond?

I call it the dyslexic diamond. I believe the application of this traffic configuration is based on limited room, but I find it disconcerting to navigate and a potential hazard in heavy fog situations.