Sound Off

Sound Off for June 12

There's a solution out there

Read the article on the dead zone. Primary reason: pollutants/nitrogen pouring into the Gulf from the Mississippi River. We have kind of a perfect storm for this. A large land mass, where several rivers and streams feed into one great river that runs the length of the country and spills into the Gulf. We want to do all we can to stop these pollutants. What if a student or group of students, maybe in MSU's Forestry Department, did a study on a natural way to reduce them? Maybe by introducing some type of shellfish upriver to filter the water. I know they could come up with many ideas that would be natural and not upset the flow and balance of the river.

Just a matter of time

Alabama's House Speaker was found guilty on 12 ethics charges and removed from office. Alabama's governor is being investigated for misusing state resources to pursue an affair with an aide. Alabama's Chief Justice faces removal from office for ordering his state to stop the sale of same-sex marriage licenses -- in violation of a Supreme Court ruling. One down; two to go?

Just a menu, please

More and more, when I click a link to a restaurant website I end up on its Facebook page. I don't want to see pictures of the food and people eating. A review of the food and service is nice, but all I want to see is where it is, what the hours are and the menu. The only time a Facebook page is helpful to me is if one of the pictures is of the menu.

Craving the classics

Is there a local book club that discusses the classics?

Schools love cards

A teacher friend told me to remove personal information from greeting cards and drop them by your local elementary school office. The teachers in the primary grades use them for art projects. I, too, hated to throw them away but they can easily turn you into a pack rat. I also give schools any pretty calendars that show animals, scenery, etc.

Common sense needed

I can understand, to a certain degree, the necessity of business owners making employees check all IDs in order to sell alcohol. But at some point common sense is needed. Asking an 83-year-old for ID in order to sell them a beer is just ridiculous. If you have employees who can't to use a little common sense, then you have a problem.

Don't see the point

This is for "Positive improvements": I agree wholeheartedly. South Mississippi definitely is booming and getting better every day. But I still don't understand what the diamond interchange accomplishes that a traditional, straight-shot interchange with turning lanes couldn't. I fail to see its advantages and would love to have it explained.