Sound Off

Sound Off for June 11

Just me?

I wonder if other people are seeing white butterflies everywhere. First time in 70 years I have ever seen a white butterfly. Neighbors say the same. What's going on?

Real issues

For a veteran the best place to check for burial information will be the VA Hospital in Biloxi. With all the major issues facing our society today, it's really sad that one of your readers would waste valuable time to poke fun at Hillary's preference for pantsuits in this column. This is apparently the mind set of the Trump camp -- a lack of sense for the real issues.

New campaign

Would it be inappropriate to suggest that, as an American and veteran, that we need to organize a group to take back America. It seems like everyone else is intent on taking our rights away.

Big pockets

In response to the person who questioned Hillary Clinton's pantsuits. I agree! Those pockets are big enough to hide another email personal server.

America is exceptional

I have no problem with immigrants coming legally and assimilating themselves into our culture, speaking English and respecting our laws and the American flag. Yes, I consider America to be exceptional. The legal immigrant must think it is exceptional also. Otherwise, why would anyone want to emigrate here?


Anyone know of a beekeeper on the Coast? We have a hive, and I don't want to have them exterminated.

Spend wisely

Reading Sound Off has really been an eye-opening experience. Our defense department does not need to get bigger. We have fields of planes with trees growing in them because the defense keeps paying for them even though our military says they don't need them -- the waste of our tax dollars. We have the military might of the top 10 countries combined. People who keep wanting our military to get bigger remind me of seeing North Korea march down city streets with missiles on trailers. Is that what you want? We need the money to be spent wisely as in taking care of our soldiers when they come back from war.

Luck is less important

This notion that no one can get ahead without luck is baloney. Maybe a few of the extremely wealthy had some luck. But when you are talking about the everyday person who did OK, hard work, making the right decisions and picking yourself up when you have a setback will bring success. I had only a high school education, had a lot of knockdowns and setbacks, but I worked hard at it and did OK. Some have a steeper hill than others to climb, but luck is not the major factor.