Sound Off

Sound Off for June 10

Positive improvements

South Mississippi is really making some great improvements with the roadways. We have a traffic circle on Airport Road and a diverging diamond interchange in D'Iberville. I drive on them all the time and they work great. Thanks for all your hard work and planning.

Waste of time

Telling Trump to act presidential is a waste of time. He will always act juvenile.

No on 2 counts

There is not only no "need" for a Trump, there is no room for a Trump.

Anyone know?

Many of us have big stacks of greeting cards we've received which are too pretty to throw away -- birthday, get-well, sympathy, Valentines, Fathers/Mothers Day, Christmas. Is there anyone or any group locally that makes use of these beautiful fronts and the verses inside? If so, where would be a drop-off to leave them?

Other side of story

My next-door neighbor, here in Picayune, just came back from a visit to the Biloxi VA Hospital to get his hearing aid adjusted. He was raving about how nice the people were there, "They even come out to the car to get you and take you to where you are supposed to be." And "It only took 30 minutes before I had my hearing aid and they even took a mold for a new one. That's the nicest bunch of people I ever had to deal with." I thought you should hear "the other side of the story."

Times were tough

Why not stand up and fight as hard for senior citizens', vets' rights on issues? They served their time when things weren't easy. Nothing like today's world. One person did the job two or three are now hired to do. No paid vacation, sick leave, don't even think about calling or not showing up. Standing around? You best stay busy all for low wages. Employers could get rid of you for no reason. No pink/yellow slips, no matter how loyal you had been.

Squeaky wheels . . .

So right! While driving down Main Street in Ocean Springs, I witnessed a truckload of workers in a company truck throw a large plastic burger bag out the passenger window and drive off, laughing. I got the tag number, company name and phone number. I called the company, spoke to a very gruff man and told him what I saw. He was pretty upset and assured me he would take care of it. And he did! The next day on my way to work all the burger-bag garbage had been picked up, not only their garbage but everybody else's. There was not a scrap of litter anywhere on the whole road.