Sound Off

Sound Off for June 9

Anyone know?

Does anyone know of an organization that will ship/mail a veteran's cremated remains to a burial site? The veteran had tours of duty in Vietnam, Algeria, etc., etc. and was in service for 21 years. It will be awkward to fly with the remains.

Pantsuit buyout?

Many years ago on the back cover of Parade Magazine they advertised ladies pantsuits for sale. What I am wondering is did Hillary Clinton buy the company out?

More troubles?

I want to know by what means are the go cup users getting home? Have our leaders just added to our drunk driving issues along the Coast?


Yes, (yawn) Hillary is the Democratic nominee for president. Just remember that voting for her just because she is a woman may not end well for our country in the long run.

Late to act

All these Republican Congressmen coming out and telling Trump to start acting presidential is making me sick. Maybe if these Congressmen would have acted as Republican Congressmen for the past seven-and-a-half years there would not have been a need for Trump.

Red alert!

Effective immediately. In observance of the soon to be open Margaritaville Resort in Biloxi, the Cedar Street traffic light has joined fellow traffic lights at Oak and Myrtle Streets in remaining red for highway traffic for approximately 23 hours and 37 minutes a day.


The educators who want a ban on new construction in the area of St. Martin schools should require any developer of subdivisions/apartment complexes to give $1 million up front to Jackson County road department before any building permit can be issued.

No wonder

Is it any wonder all the small businesses can't make it? We have the big W that claims to be "your electronics store," "your meat market," "your produce market," "your cell phone store," "your hardware store," "your drug store" and "your neighborhood grocery store." They've put everyone else out of business.

Shut your mouth

We are in trouble and Hillary Clinton has yet to recognize that. I remain optimistic Trump will win and change America for the good. He should be double digits ahead of Clinton, but he has a major problem: his mouth. I hoped once he clinched the delegates for nomination, we would see a more respectful tone, but he continues to alienate. I expect heated exchanges between himself and Clinton, but not with the very people needed to elect him.