Sound Off

Sound Off for June 8

Small business problem

One of the small business problems that is taking a toll is raising rents and/or refusing to repair property. Many are forced to move or close.

Great events

If you noticed, there are people walking all over downtown Biloxi before and after a Shuckers game. We often stop at one of the local restaurants to eat before a Shuckers game. Not always, but often. It's an easy park-the-car, go-eat and walk-to-the-game experience. We have been to five or so different downtown places to eat before the game. Some but not all places have a game-day special price. Maybe if they did that and advertised it even more would eat before the game. Go Shuckers!

Somebody step up

Someone has got to step up at the Republican convention and get more votes than Donald Trump. We cannot have him as our president, and we cannot spend another four years of a Democratic president.

Totally agree

Re: "Don't cry wolf on weather": I couldn't agree more! Every small storm that may be identified, is handled with all the drama, excitement, intensity and duration that can be extracted (and then some). All I want is the truth about the weather for this general area without the exaggeration, grandstanding, hype and bloviating preformed by the media.

Bang for buck

Mississippi spends $8,164 a year per student. California spends $9,183 and Utah spends $6,206 per student. The value of a dollar in Mississippi is $1.15 compared to California at $.88. Utah has the best ACT test scores in the U.S.


Just needed to send a thank you to the Long Beach Waffle House employee who changed a tire for us Wednesday. We had just left the heart cath department at Memorial Hospital, and my husband could not change it. As we were trying to decide what to do, the young man came over and changed the tire and followed us to a filling station to air the spare. His mom can be very proud of the son she is raising. Thanks again! Ruby and Ol' Bob. It's a great place to eat, too.

Speed up

The acceleration ramp is named that for a reason. You are expected to get up to or close to the highway speed in order to merge with ongoing traffic. The yield signs you see are at the beginning of the ramp for people turning right onto the ramp to let people turning left across oncoming traffic to shoot through. When I am in the right lane and cannot move over, I adjust my speed to let the merging vehicles get on the highway. It really rattles me for one to jam on brakes when I have given them enough space to go ahead of me.