Sound Off

Sound Off for June 7

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To the reader looking for jicama, you can find it at the Menge Avenue flea market at the large vegetable stand.

Other stories

Hooray for Trevor! Now, can we please move on? Enough is enough. There are a lot more newsworthy stories out there, please look a little harder to find them.

Great story!

How wonderful that the Sun Herald took the courageous step of printing the front page story of Trevor Ladner, especially at a time when our state has passed the anti LGBT legislation. What a perfect example of journalism at its finest. Kudos to the Sun Herald.

Proud sight

It's great to see the American flag flying in front of homes and businesses, especially on U.S. 90, which so many people travel. Makes my heart swell with pride.

What if?

What happens if a circuit clerk thinks a person voting absentee is going to vote for someone who is or something that is in opposition of one or more of the clerks religious beliefs?

Counter intuitive

More is spent on our military than the next six nations combined. Guaranteeing we'll be in the world's crosshairs. A bloated military doesn't make us safer.

What is it?

I am 80 years old, and I have never seen so many businesses in South Mississippi closing. The government says that the economy is great, but in the near future we will not have anymore small businesses. These people are the backbone of America. I cannot put my finger on it. Is it taxes or high rent or the government?

Best to know

To "Don't cry wolf on weather," your statement indicates that you know nothing about meteorology. I've been a meteorologist for over 40 years, and I can tell you that it doesn't take models to tell me that any current development in the South-Central Gulf will track to either central or northern Florida. There is nowhere else for it to go since there is a high-pressure ridge to the east and frontal system and deep upper level trough over the northwestern Gulf. I've watched just about all the news on this system and no one has been crying wolf. It should not become any stronger than a tropical storm, and it will dump an extensive amount of rain on the Florida Peninsula on Monday through Monday night. Flooding will be a hazard to western Florida with tide levels 2-3 feet above normal levels. If you live in Florida, wouldn't you want to know what is coming? Remember, it only takes one to change your life forever.