Sound Off

Sound Off for June 6

Where's Holloway?

After serving Biloxi as its mayor, completing many projects and seeing us overcome Katrina, what has happened to A.J. Holloway? He disappeared. He was the man for awhile. Mayor Andrew "FoFo" Gilich is getting things done, but some of his projects may have been started by Holloway. Biloxi is moving on and hopefully for the better! Best wishes to Mr. Holloway, and we miss seeing your face. No put down, Mayor "FoFo." You're doing well and learning.

Do the research

The difference between the actual job market projections and what our president stated in his speech a couple of days ago is drastic. Most of the people that believe him still believe the world is flat.

Broken system

The main problem with our educational system is that students are being taught what to think instead of how to think.

Money isn't the answer

I am a conservative. I look at the dismal failure of the War on Poverty over the last 50 years and say there must be corrective reform. My liberal friends say that more money must be spent! With massive fraud and no incentive to work or to leave it, our welfare system definitely doesn't need more money!

True charity

When it comes to true charity, conservatives donate their money and time. Liberals donate your money!

Hampton's home run

Hampton hits a homer! Praise goes to excellent journalism. Our political editor smacks 'em in their complacency! Finally, another observer describes the state's democrats as "moribund!" Tell 'em, Paul. A limp noodle has more backbone.