Sound Off

Sound Off for June 5

This is called rudeness

Nowadays, if you visit with someone under age 40, you had better not hope for much conversation because he or she will be on their iPad, smartphone or whatever almost all the time. If you speak to the person, you feel like you are interrupting, and if he or she does respond, it will be with one-word replies. I think this is rude and says what the person is doing is far more important than spending time with you.

Military must be strong

Millions of dollars are already spent on all the programs and issues "Why It's Bad" listed. But none of the money spent does any good if we can't keep our country safe. I don't agree with some of the policies and decisions that have been made regarding our military. But without a strong military, we become the prey.

Many would agree

I suspect there are thousands of honorably serving military members who would disagree with "Why It's Bad" and support a strong military.

False comparison

"How is that bad?" was simply put, talking abut the necessity of a strong military in this day and age. To lump the "pork" spending in with our school systems, the homeless, our crumbling infrastructure and senior citizen issues is simply ridiculous. It's apples and oranges.

Unintended consequences

Did the person who proposes a storm-surge wall at the mouth of the Bay of St. Louis ever consider what that would do to surrounding waterfront areas? It most likely would cause enormous flooding to the east and west of that structure. Better think again.

Where's the logic?

We know people using cell phones in cars may cause accidents. We have passed laws allowing the police to stop and ticket those violating the law. Can someone tell me why automobile manufacturers are allowed to put touch-screen radios in cars?

Follow their example

There are many in America who have gained their wealth not through inheritance, but through a strong work ethic (productivity, morality, personal responsibility). We do not need to share their wealth. We need to share their work ethic!

Don't cry wolf on weather

The media has already started crying wolf on weather and you wonder why people become complacent on a real threat/hurricane. You report on a storm system hundreds of miles away and has not developed into anything as if it is a serious threat. Even your news weather station indicated all models point it moving to Florida and it is not a threat. Scaring people for no reason is uncalled for. Stop it, so people will take you seriously when there is a real threat.