Sound Off

Sound Off for June 4

Fly on the wall?

So, Trump broke the mighty Paul Ryan. Wouldn't you have liked to have been a fly on the wall in those negotiations.

In defense of reason

As hot as the Cuban missile crisis got, there was rationality on both sides that prevented a great tragedy. Remember this because an irrational Donald Trump can kill many more as our president. His middle school explosive attitude has no place as our leader.

All talk . . .

I read in the paper the military complex gets over $600 billion. It amazes me that they get so much money but if you are a vet you are made to jump through hoops to get an increase in disability. How about the next time you feel like thanking a vet, instead call the VA and demand they tighten up. It seems the country is all talk about how great vets are.

More taxes!

What has gone very wrong? Businesses closed, others closing, development is another dollar store. Our schools are lagging behind again. What do we do? Raise taxes for the schools. Our esteemed state legislators are killing us with their no vote to fully fund education -- that includes our wonderful local legislators. What we need now is for the city and county to raise our taxes more.

Please explain

I cannot understand why the U.S. military announces every new or improved weapon system to all who are interested, including our enemies. Just heard that the Navy will be placing a fantastic new weapon called the railgun on its ships, and that Chinese hackers are busy trying to gain information about it. Why even tell that we have it? Just use it if the need arises. It's almost like we are inviting someone to steal information about it. Maybe someone in the military can respond.

Why it's bad

To "How is that bad?" who believes that strengthening our already gigantic military is a good thing -- how can you justify spending untold billions on a military that is already grossly overinflated when we have infrastructure crumbling down around us, when there are homeless citizens, many of them veterans, when our schools continue to pump out students who can't perform basic math functions or form an intelligent sentence, or when most of the citizens are just one medical emergency away from bankruptcy? We have much greater problems affect all the taxpaying citizens of this wonderful country more than worrying about who's got the most "toys." Get your priorities straight -- if you want to honor our military, support politicians who aren't so eager to send our sons and daughters (not theirs, of course) to fight unnecessary wars.