Sound Off

Sound Off for June 3

Good boy!

Today I was driving through Bayou View and I saw, "gasp," a young man who stopped at a stop sign, got off his bike and waited for traffic to pass before crossing the street. His parents have taught him well. Kudos to him.

Clean up, please

MDOT really needs to get on the ball and clean up I-10. It has been a total mess for many months and trash pickup and mowing has not been done in many months between Gulfport and Biloxi. Those concrete dividers are always full of weeds growing at the bottom of them.

Menu suggestions

Scott, keep calm and carry on. We'll be looking forward to eating at your new place. May I suggest calling it The Shoo Fly Inn and replicating some of the menu items of long-gone and still-loved Gulf Coast resturants -- Trilby's, Mary's, The Friendship House, Hugo's, Baricev's, Gus Steven's, Annie's, Fisherman's Wharf, Alberti's, The Log House, Angelo's, Sea 'n Sirloin, and I'm sure there are many more that your customers can suggest. I would love to once again enjoy a plate of onion rings like the ones they used to serve at The Princess Drive-Inn. And, a crabmeat po-boy like the ones at Bennie's Palm Drive Inn. Darn, now I've gone and made myself hungry.

Mississippi's future?

I read in Wednesday's Sun Herald that Louisiana is losing all its doctors because of Republicans and their policies. Look at your future, Mississippi. We learned absolutely nothing from Bush/Cheney. They completely ruined our economy and walked away more wealthy, so will Mississippi Republicans. At least they didn't kill thousands of people. Unless you count the deaths because of lack of healthcare. But, hey, they are going to save you $125 a year in tax cuts. Oh, wait! You only get that if they balance the state budget. You think they will ever balance the budget?

Be strong to be free

"Be prepared," "Bigger than big" and many others are concerned about building our military. As of right now, we are still the most powerful and influential country in the world. As a result we carry a responsibility to try and keep this world safe. This puts a target on our backs. There are many countries that are trying to bring us down and the only way to stay safe is to be prepared for any eventuality. We weren't ready for World War I, World War II nor the Korean wars, as a result many died unnecessarily. Our world is more dangerous now than at the height of the Cuban missile crisis. The reason being is that as hot as that situation got, there was rationality on both sides. If we weaken our military, we run the chance of repeating the errors. God Bless America and all who have given their lives so we can live free.