Sound Off

Sound Off for May 31

Roll call

I hope people read the Roll Call section of the Sun Herald. It tells how Mississippi legislators vote on bills. Your GOP legislators once again voted against another clean water bill. Democrat Rep. Bennie Thompson always votes yes for regulations on your clean water. Many of you vote GOP, not realizing that you are hurting yourselves. Check out the Roll Call section on a regular basis. You need to know if your representatives are helping you or helping big companies.

Bad impression

Driving too and fro on Interstate 10 today, I was appalled at the condition of the highway. MDOT obviously did not care what it looked like for all our visitors on a holiday weekend. Thousand of visitors to our beautiful Gulf Coast and they have to drive down trashy I-10 to get here? That is wrong. The grass needs cutting and the trash is unbelievable. Fix this MDOT.

A mistake?

I reflect on yet another Memorial day about those 4,000 who died in vain in that needless war in Iraq and the 30,000 injured and all the good Republicans who supported the president who sent them there. Donald Trump is the only Republican who has the guts enough to say that it was a mistake to have gone into war in Iraq.

Wild West

Excellent article about the shootings in our area in Sundays editorial page. I feel our country can be called "the wild wild west." Something has to change. Every time I go out in a crowd, I can't help but be in a little fear for hearing a gun go off. Going to the theater makes me think the same thing what if I see someone with a gun. And this is now America. What a shame.

Better lighting

I thoroughly enjoyed Gulfport's Sounds by the Sea performance Saturday night. One suggestion, however, is to follow the flag code which requires that the flag be "properly illuminated" if flown after dark. The large flag behind the stage and on on a nearby building were not illuminated.

No dogs allowed

We attended the Gulfport Sounds by the Sea Saturday night. The show was simply fantastic and the organizers should be commended. But, for the life of me, I can't understand why attendees must bring their dogs to disturb others. There was a pug that barked for almost the entire show, what a shame!


Congratulations Sun Herald. In these parts, few have the courage to speak out about the menace of 2nd Admendment lunacy. Some of the lunatics think they need to carry weapons to church and school! It's not really a self protection issue. It's a political mental health issue.