Sound Off

Sound Off for May 30

Check the facts

It's not a fact just because Hillary Clinton says it. Colin Powell didn't have a personal server for his personal and government emails like Hillary did. And any devices or systems he used for communications were approved by the government, which wasn't the case for Hillary. If she had requested to use her personal server, it would have been denied, as we just found out from the State Department's IG report.

Be courteous

As a resident of the area surrounding West Park, I appreciate that the residents of Gulfport enjoy the park, but they seem to forget people live here too. After holidays, I have observed those who BBQ, have family reunions, etc. leaving their trash and letting it blow everywhere. "No motor vehicles in park" signs are also disregarded, and private property is parked on at times. I ask those who enjoy the park to just be aware.

Over it

I am tired of hearing about transgender people's rights to use the bathroom they identify with and not the one specific to their anatomy.

Non-incumbents needed

Donald Trump has insulted many members of congress over the last few months, so those of you voting for him should also vote for the non-incumbents running in November. I don't see the current members wanting to make Trump look good by giving him everything he wants. Get behind a third-party candidate, since Trump may find it easier to get along with them than the two established parties.

Merging mayhem

Why is there so much confusion or difference of opinion when merging onto the interstate? Drivers using the acceleration lane don't have the right of way; the traffic already on the interstate has the right of way. The Mississippi Drivers Manual directs drivers to yield to any approaching vehicle, so why are there no yield signs when entering the interstate?

Disappointing disruptions

Sounds by the Sea was a great performance from what we could see of it! All night long, we had people walking in front of where we sat to use the portable toilets. Even though we kept scooting forward in our chairs, they still continued to walk in front of us and disrupt our view. Hopefully, the city of Gulfport will put the toilets back towards U.S. 90 next year so that they are behind the show and out of everyone's way.