Sound Off

Sound Off for May 29

No BP money for projects

I think Mayor Billy Hewes is genuinely interested in improving Gulfport's vision. The only problem is he wants to accomplish this using mostly grant money. None of these projects should be entitled to use any of the BP funds money. If Gulfport wants them bad enough, let Gulfport pay for them. It will eventually get all of the property taxes and tourist revenue.

Unauthorized donation

Check your receipt before you leave a store. A $1 donation to a charity was included on my receipt. I was not asked nor did I authorize a donation to a charity. I paid cash and did not look at my receipt until I got home. Typically, if I swipe my debit or credit card, the card reader asks about a donation prior to processing the transaction, or when paying cash, the clerk asks. I am aware some cashiers compete with each other to get the most donations, and some stores within a region compete against each other. That is all fine but do not do it by deceiving customers, and especially senior citizens.

Ode to a tropical storm

My Bonnie lies over the ocean,

My Bonnie lies over the sea.

Please, Bonnie, stay over the ocean.

Stay far, far away from me!

Well played, MDOT

Heading into one of the largest travel weekends on the calendar and the state Department of Transportation has about 4 miles closed on Interstate 10. Really great planning.

Discount for my trouble?

I am in favor of recycling but we must rinse and separate items, then store them until they pick them up. They take them to a place that pays for them. Meanwhile, I have roaches in my area. Why not give a discount on the bill, even $2 a month.

Embrace science

A friend of mine, asked why science points to the universe being billions of years old, says it is only 6,000 years old and that God made it look older. My first question is why? If God is real, why the big mystery? Why not show himself? Why not erase all doubt? My answer is no such being exists. There is no proof of a god but plenty to prove science is correct. No tooth fairy no Santa Claus, no Easter bunny, no celestial dictator. Only when this magical thinking is erased from the world will we finally progress as a species.

Be quiet and listen

Sounds by the Sea is coming this weekend. People, please cut the chatter. These musicians work long and hard to put on a good show, and do not need their audience constantly talking. Neither do the others in the audience.