Sound Off

Sound Off for May 28

Not in my back yard

I do not live on Georgia Street or even in Gulfport for that matter, but I can certainly sympathize with the residents' concern. Perhaps Mr. Comstock can put the park in his back yard.

More Fun Times ahead

I hope that Fun Time USA is able to move forward with development without any further objection from nearby neighbors. People who buy or build a home close to the beach should realize that the beachfront is for development, and if they want country living, they should find another address. We need more beachfront development, especially for families. Fun Time probably will be more economically successful than the proposed Aquarium, which will be partially funded by BP monies.

Still waiting?

The traffic light at U.S. 49 and School Road (Harrison Central) has been on timers rather than "automatic" since early February, unnecessarily stopping U.S. 49 traffic when there is no cross traffic. I reported the problem to the MDOT regional office in late February and was told "parts are on order." If parts are so difficult to obtain, I'm surprised we have any properly functioning signals.

More battery options

All Lowe's stores take batteries for recycling. They also recycle fluorescent light bulbs; there is a recycling station near the customer service desk.

No surprise

I guess I feel differently about the email hassle. Having been trapped on an antique computer with a frequently "down for repairs" server at my workplace for years, I don't wonder why a busy secretary of state would choose a familiar and more reliable home server when starting her new job. Colin Powell made the same choice before Hillary, with no problems -- but then he was a Republican and not running for president.

Dolphins and fireflies

What is Billy Hewes' vision for our Gulf Coast? When even Sea World admits the changing preferences of the more humane public, he is still locked into a decades-old mode of thinking. A broader vision would recognize that young people these days are looking for ways to help their future world rather than capture and kill its resources. A dolphin in captivity is like a a firefly in a bottle. Yes, you can see the flashes, but its real beauty is when those rare flashes are set to the background of an evening landscape.

Think outside the boxes

It's past time we stopped calling flight data recorders "black boxes," as they aren't black. Instead, let's call them flight data recorders, or, at least, orange boxes.