Sound Off

Sound Off for May 27

Recycling downtown?

Why don't the various municipalities along the Coast have recycling cans available in the downtown areas? I am sure businesses and customers would use these. See them in other cities around the country.

Recycling bin too small

We are a household of two adults. Looking at my garbage that I put out today, I realized that 80 percent of our garbage is recyclable. So why is our recycling bin a small open blue basket? I have a larger covered can that I put recycling in during the week. Then I have to cram it into this tiny little uncovered container every Thursday and pray that it doesn't rain before the pickup comes by. Paper doesn't like rain.

No easy answer

I don't think there is an easy answer to preventing death of children being left in cars. It seems like auto manufacturers could develop some type of alarm as they have when seatbelt are not latched, etc. Until then, the best idea I have seen is for parents to establish a habit of putting a reminder where they see it when exiting the car. It could be putting the diaper bag on the passenger seat by your purse, a baby blanket or toy in your lap while driving, a rattler on the inside door handle, etc.

One or the other

I think Waffle House has this transgender bathroom policy down pat. They have two bathrooms, one marked male and the other marked female. Each has a single toilet and sink and the door can be locked. The transgender person can pick the bathroom of choice for privacy. There is even room for a shower to be installed and a clothes hook is already in place.

Obamacare fails

Obamacare fails again. United Healthcare, one of three health insurers in the exchange in Mississippi, is pulling out. Humana is reducing their footprint and very likely will follow suit before long. It isn't profitable. This is happening across the country.

Just toss batteries

It says right on the package that batteries from AAA to D size may be disposed of in your household trash. Button batteries, such as hearing aid batteries and watch batteries should be disposed of at the monthly hazardous waste disposal that Harrison County sponsors on the second Saturday of each month at the Lorraine Road work center.

Call him Dr. Dash

I recently saw a new physician for the first time. I was rushed in and out before I even had time to discuss the reason for the visit. He came in, asked a few questions, said he was scheduling a test and was out the door. His staff made another 10-minute appointment for me in four weeks. I won't be going back because deductibles are so high and this guy just wasn't worth the money I had to pay him.