Sound Off

Sound Off for May 26: FunTime USA welcome, even with noise

Rafe O’Neal poses with some of the 36 FunTime merry-go-round horses in storage, Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2016.
Rafe O’Neal poses with some of the 36 FunTime merry-go-round horses in storage, Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2016. Sun Herald file
Use caution

Before the Highway Patrol has to use a shovel and tweezers to remove the remains of the driver who urges entering a freeway or interstate "while accelerating," he/she should know that not all entrances invite you to accelerate. Many have "yield" signs as a warning. Too often an 18-wheeler doing 75 or more on the interstate has vehicles to his left as they ride pass your entrance simultaneously. There is no place for the existing interstate traffic to move to. Always be cautious and size up your best chance for entering a busy roadway.

It starts at home

We had a very different experience at our grandson's graduation from a Catholic School. Everyone held applause until all diplomas had been given and no one was rude enough to cause others to not be able to see or hear. Respect has to begin at home before they even go to school. I know my grandson's parents have made great sacrifices to afford this school and what lessons it would reinforce to him. At graduation all bags and purses were checked upon entering and those things were not allowed. Too bad the public school didn't do the same -- maybe they should in the future.

Should expect it

I have a question. How many people who are opposed to Fun Time reopening bought their homes after 1979? If they bought after 1979, they had to have known it would be a noisy neighborhood. It's just like people who buy near an airport then complain about the noise.

Way to go, Walter

Once again another great column by Walter Williams. He is one of the rare journalists who is not caught up in political correctness.

Who takes little batteries?

I put the battery one in. Thanks to the Auto Zone for replying, but I was asking about AA, AAA, 9-volt batteries, not car ones. Anyone take them?

We're already there

Hillary Clinton said this week that Trump would bankrupt America if elected. This is just another example of how out of touch Hillary is. Obama has almost doubled the national debt in his 7 years in office. America is already bankrupt. Clinton still believes that Obama has done a great job and states again that she will continue his policies. This may be what costs her the election.

The horror....

If you don't think we have a literacy problem in this country, just spend 15 minutes on Facebook. What are they teaching in our schools?