Sound Off

Sound Off for May 25

Lack of respect

For the second time in two years, I attended high school graduation in Pascagoula. Even though the printed programs and the principal verbally requested appropriate behavior from the crowd, twice now, the spectacle in the stands was without a doubt the worst display of disrespect I have ever seen. Between the huge groupings of balloons blocking the view, air horns, screams, foot stomping and constant moving of groups of people up and down the stadium steps, the ceremony was impossible to enjoy.

Keep babies safe

It is summertime and we have already lost two babies to hot cars. Something has got to be done, before we lose a lot more. Personally, I cannot see how a child can be forgotten in a car, but apparently, they can. We have to help each other to remember. Public service announcements have been used in a lot of ways to help people; I think it would help in this instance. TV, radios and workplaces can be used. In the morning, radio and TV can have a spot asking 'Did you drop the kid off?' or something like that. Workplaces can say it on the intercom. If not this, then something has to be done before we lose a lot more kids this summer.

He's on a mission

The basic rules of civilization are just a suggestion to Donald Trump in his quest for more power, which equals money to him. He will skirt the law, lie and cheat his way to the White House if we let him. Checking his tax returns will tell a lot but he's not going to let that happen because it will be too costly to his quest.

Warmer spot

No doubt in my mind, I would love to return to the warmth and confines of Mississippi before winter gets here.

Thanks for war story

Hats off to the Sun Herald for the historical piece on the horrific Bataan Death March and subsequent World War II Philippines war crimes tribunal. The veteran's firsthand account was a plus.

All about the view

Once again the Harrison County Board of Supervisors has sided with the residents of Henderson Point who believe they are entitled to "an unobstructed view," even if it means completely killing a worthy project in public waters. How tragic.

Ramp not for crawling

How come people in Mississippi do not use the on-ramp for the interstate correctly? Come on, people, you are supposed to be accelerating to merge to the interstate. I always see people slowing traffic on the interstate when they try to merge in. I also have to slow way down when I am trying to accelerate.