Sound Off

Sound Off for May 22

Now what?

Our lawmakers are trying to give people, especially seniors, a stroke. We all have such difficulty getting necessary drugs without this. When one's drug program changes formulas without notice it makes doctors scramble for a substitute. Seniors end up driving to several pharmacies. It is safer if all prescriptions are at one pharmacy. Drugs are so expensive already, some can't afford to pay high co-pays.

It's a trick

Those who think it's a good idea to cut state taxes should think again. I pay my fair share and more, and I believe it to be a bad idea. It's an illusion, to make you think you're getting something from our so-called state leaders. While cutting taxes, they are cutting state programs' funding -- education, parks and services, state jobs -- and raising car-tag and land taxes. They will rob Peter to pay Paul. Don't be fooled, folks.

Works for us

Just read that a dollar can buy more in Mississippi than ALL the other states. Mississippi is mostly rural, farming and fishing. It will always be that way. Mostly low-paying jobs, done with lots of pride by great people. We grow the food and build the battleships that protect our country. What's great about Mississippi is you can choose to live here. Quit bashing it. If you're not happy here, move.

Not a big deal

Does anyone have any statistics on how many transgender people are in Mississippi? I find it hard to believe there are many in our schools and no more than a few hundred in the whole state. Does anybody know how many complaints the police have gotten about someone using the wrong facility? I bet they are few and far between.

Here's what will happen

Hillary will win over Trump for two simple reasons: Too many people on freebies and too many special-interest groups.

Easy to see, hard to forget

Back in the days when children rode in the front seat, parents didn't have to worry about forgetting them.

Fix the Gulf

I have to agree with the writer. We need to focus on improvements to restore our coastal environment. How many times will we continue to see no-swimming advisories? I feel all this BP money needs to be spent to restructure and improve our drainage, keeping it out of the Gulf and into some sort of sewer system underground. Let's quit dumping toxic runoff into the Gulf -- chemicals from lawn care, animal feces, auto oil off our streets and trash.

What a shame

Too bad George Steinbrenner is dead. He would have been perfect as Mr. Trump's running mate.