Sound Off

Sound Off for May 21


With all the tax money that we all pay, why can't the Gulf Coast sweep off U.S. 90 regularly?


Those who believe the state should not be cutting taxes, most likely don't pay taxes anyway.

Great idea!

Another great event at Anniston Elementary, "The Great Book Event." Students in most of the grades got to write their own book. I think every student should be able to write their own book. What a way to learn. They were displayed for parents to see. What an awesome idea.


In 2000, the Reform Party had enough common sense and intelligence not to choose Trump as its nominee for president even though he begged them for the nomination. In 2016, the Republican Party should have followed the lead of the Reform Party of 2000. But it abandoned common sense and intelligence and chose Trump. Wow! Just wow!

Acknowledge change

George Washington owned slaves, Thomas Jefferson and other Fathers of our Country did too. Must we remove their statues, pictures and words from our history like the confederate statues and flags? Times change, people change, attitudes change -- stop trying to change history lest we forget our poor choices.

Who should pay

It may cost a lot of money for the state to defend HB1523 in federal court. I think those expenses should come out of the pockets of legislators who voted for the bill, knowing that it was in conflict with federal law. The cost of defending this tragedy should not fall on innocent taxpayers.

Uncommon sense?

I've lived a long productive life and have seen changes. Some good and others not. I never in all my years thought I would ever see our leaders discussing which bathroom in public that we were allowed to use. It seems like such a simple answer, men and boys go to theirs and women and girls go to theirs. The name on the doors makes it simple to understand. This is a conservation that should never have taken place. Common sense is not very common anymore.

Why we're last

Mississippi is a beautiful state with many wonderful people. But it always has been and always will be on the bottom of the list. Of the things Mississippi is high on the list of most are not good. Mississippi needs to wake up and go for change. Of the 10 poorest states nine are Republican. Of the 10 wealthiest states seven are Democratic. Unfortunately the governor of Mississippi has lost a lot of money for this state with HB1523 law. Mississippi if you want your state off the bottom think about what Republicans have done, are doing and will continue to do that keeps you there.