Sound Off

Sound Off for May 20

Better choice

On any day, I will choose the person, who imperfect, has experience, has made mistakes and acknowledged them over an arrogant bully who thinks he is perfect and that everything he is going to do will be great.

Anyone know?

Can anyone out there tell us who will take used batteries? We have tried recycle people, Office Depot, other stores. It says to recycle them but how?


Way to go, Gulfport. No left-turn lane northbound on the new Three Rivers into Wal-Mart just past the new Airport Road traffic circle that most folks won't learn how to use. Going to be numerous accidents.

Bad prediction

The prediction of the demise of the oil industry was premature. Gas is already back up to $2 a gallon. Oil field workers, back to work.

Great idea!

Another great event at Anniston Elementary. "The Great Book Event," in which students in most of the grades got to write their own book. I think every student should be able to write their own book. What a way to learn. They were displayed for parents to see. What an awesome idea.

Common sense

I can remember, as a student back in the 1960s, a shy male student who refused to use the boys restroom and locker room. The principal and the teachers at the school had compassion and allowed him to use the faculty lounge facilities, which could be locked. Was he just "shy" or was he a "transgender"? That I do not know, but common sense prevailed. I applaud the decision of State Board of Education Chairman John Kelly of Gulfport to have a special meeting in two weeks to discuss the matter of federally mandated transgender bathrooms. May common sense prevail now, too.

The facts, please

Like many Americans, I am concerned about the number of manufacturing jobs that have been shipped out of the U.S. But it is not a one-way street. Many good jobs, such as in car manufacturing, have been shipped into the U.S. from overseas. Clinton and Trump have different positions on this issue. To make an informed decision about whom to favor on this topic, we, the voters, need facts.

Clarification on Cleveland

The statement yesterday about Cleveland schools will finally end segregation is incorrect. East Side and Cleveland have been integrated for 50 years. Its just that they had a majority of blacks at one schools and a majority of whites at the other school. Students had a choice to attend the school they preferred. The federal government decided they knew better and now there will be only one school.