Sound Off

Sound Off for May 19

Speak at the polls

Because the GOP has a stranglehold on Mississippi, there are very few to stand up and speak about all the tax cuts and our failing school system. People need to start speaking at the polls.


Insurance is the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the public. It is legal extortion. The rules and regulations imposed by insurance have very far reaching effects including driving up the price of everything.

Forced diversification

Coming soon: regulations requiring every business and every government agency to be diversified with an exact percentage of whites, blacks, Hispanic, Asian, gay, transgender and handicapped people that corresponds to their percentage of the population.

Not funny

If you think Bryant, Reeves and their troops in Jackson are ridiculous, consider this. I went to sleep last night and gas was $1.81 a gallon in Bay St. Louis. This morning it was up to $1.93 a gallon. That's a 12-cent difference overnight. Does someone go to sleep at night, dream up a number, and that becomes the cost of gas for the day?

Pay attention

I hear politicians on a regular basis say an issue should be left to the states to decide instead of federal. Sounds good until you realize you live in Mississippi. Have you noticed what a mess Mississippi government has made of this beautiful state?

Think again

I am all for a new Keesler main gate off Division Street and a downtown conference center in D'Iberville. I think both are great economic development ideas. But an inland gate and a conference center have nothing to do with the marine destruction caused by the oil spill. I wish those people in the marine industry would stand up for proper use of BP funds to restore and protect our marine environment. We have one shot at this, folks, to get it right and to make improvements to protect and restore our coastal environment for generations to come. We all have seen dead dolphins, destroyed oyster reefs, weaker crab population, diminished fishing, tar balls, and contaminated water. A gate and conference center will help none of that. Let's get this right.

Don't speak ill

My reason for not voting for Donald Trump is based on a simple philosophy that my mother taught us. That is if you cannot speak well of someone, do not speak at all. Trump has consistently violated this philosophy. To allow this nation to be led by such a man would be a travesty.