Sound Off

Sound Off for May 18

Moral and political

What is morally wrong should never be politically correct.

Nice ring to it

I enjoy the media, especially national media for the headline every single day. He's a monster, people. But he is the best monster running this race. President Trump sounds good to me.

Just me?

Nice story about the Biloxi street progress. Two years in and already know they are going to be one year past deadline -- 55 miles of tore up roads! It compares to someone tearing up a two-lane road, curbs, drainage, sewer and water lines from Biloxi to almost Mobile. They have 130 people on the job. Maybe 80 of the 130 are laborers doing the work. Does anyone else see the problem?

Long-term problems

More than 60 years after schools were desegregated, Cleveland (Miss. School District) will finally end segregation -- by court order -- after 50 years of stalling. While there are other non-compliant school systems in other states, Mississippi has the most open cases: 44. This is what happens when "local authorities handle their own problems" -- they go unsolved for decades.

Look in the mirror

Pot calling the kettle. At a commencement speech at Rutgers on Sunday, Obama made two comments referring to Donald Trump; "it's not cool to not know what you are talking about" and "ignorance is not a virtue." Just think, it only took Obama seven and a half years to admit his faults.


Come on, Republicans, lets get behind the presumptive nominee. We know he is not perfect; no one is. We are not going to agree on everything, but the positives outweigh the negatives (all 17 of them did). We are a democracy and the majority rules. If we go into the convention split then we will lose. The other party's negatives far outweigh their positives. A negative circuit on a battery only works with a positive circuit. Lets get together.


Our day care's policy was, you call if your child is going to miss a day, and they called if your child did not show up by a certain time, because they had made a commitment to care for our child.

Acknowledge the fans

We paid for and got to see a great ballgame the other night. Down one run in the bottom of the ninth, two outs, two strikes, fans yelling, and with a crack of the bat, game over -- Shuckers win. The only downside was just one Shucker player acknowledged the roaring crowd, a little disappointing. If you want to build a fan base, acknowledge those cheering for you.