Sound Off

Sound Off for May 17

Where to cut

If the money coming went to teachers instead of "administration," there would be 10 times the amount needed. We don't need 152 schools district superintendents, hundreds of assistant principles with bloated salaries and golden parachute retirement packages. Get rid of half of that overhead and Mississippi would be No. 1 in school funding.

Good luck!

I'm a 65-year-old male. When I was 13, 14 or 15 years old, I would have given anything to have a legitimate reason to be in the girls locker room. Looks like I was born 50 years too soon. All I can say to the schools is, good luck with this crazy Obama idea.

Real problems

Well, well. Here we are with an out-of-control national debt, an out-of-control balance of payments, an out-of-control violent society, an out-of-control welfare problem, a broken legal system, and the Obama administration is spending their time on potty training. The inmates are in charge.

Get results

Protesting is so '60s. I am not a supporter of HB 1523, but I am also not a supporter of protesters. If protesters didn't have TV/media coverage, they wouldn't gather. Their time would be better spent emailing and calling their local representatives. If you really want results, be smart in the way you go about it. Nothing will get better results than to overload the servers or make thousands of phone calls that will jam the lines for days.

Who will notice?

You gotta love Mississippi government: first announcing a staff error of $56.8 million less in revenue and then compounding the shortfall with the largest tax cut in state history. Oops! We lost millions. No need to change a thing: just pile on huge tax cuts as planned. Losses can always be sucked out of your kid's schools; health department inspections and road repairs. Who will notice?

Speak up

On the front page of Sunday's Sun Herald, it is stated that, yet again, the upcoming school year will be underfunded by $172 million statewide. Since 1997 when the legislators devised the Mississippi Adequate Education Program, our prestigious legislators have only fully funded the program twice . . . both times in election years. This might cause local districts to raise property taxes to help cover the shortfall. On page three of Sunday's Sun Herald, it is stated that Gov. Phil Bryant signed what may be the largest tax cut in Mississippi history that will reduce taxes by $415 million over the next 12 years. How does this even make sense? Education is one of the most basic rights our children. How about someone standing up and speaking for them?