Sound Off

Sound Off for May 15

It's parents' responsibility

"Worth the effort," please don't put the blame or duty on the day-care centers to be responsible for a parents' lack of action. My mother had nine children. Not once did she forget one of us. Parents' lives are no more stressful today.

Time for all to step up

It is time for both sexes to be required to register for the draft. The schools no longer require physical education and more and more students are not physically active. Currently 75 percent of men between 18 and 35 are not physically fit for the military. Everyone would benefit from some military discipline and leadership skills and be ready to defend our country.

Knowledge unconfuses

Are trans people confused? No. It is people who don't know any trans people who are confused. And they will remain so as long as their minds remain closed to the realities others face daily.

Make your own luck

"Luck is a factor," you are right. Quite often, the "opportunity for success doesn't present itself." You must go to where opportunity is. If your preparation is inadequate, get more experience or education, whenever and wherever it may be. My point is you can make your own luck.

VA can't get my care right

Every time I've gone to the VA for medical help they get it wrong and I have to go elsewhere to get it fixed. Now I have to do it again and it is really galling as it is a service-connected injury and I will pay for it out of my pocket because they got it wrong again. Why is it so hard?

Don't burden caretakers

Once again people want to absolve a parent of the responsibility of taking care of their children. It is not the responsibility of the day-care worker to do what should be the natural responsibility of the parent.

Don't miss this read

If you missed Friday's article "Sliding From The Middle" in the business section, I suggest you read it. It's an eye-opener about the fall of the middle class in the past eight years. Under the reign of the administrations of progressive, liberal Democrats, especially in large cities all across America, when unions prevail and drive up salaries, and taxes and regulations increase, they drive out business. This leaves many out of work or working for less. Thus, the slide.

Prejudice is prejudice

I must be missing something -- maybe someone can set me straight. What is the difference in refusing to serve an individual because of their sexual orientation and refusing to serve an individual because of the color of their skin, their national origin or their religious preference?

Potty president

Mr. Obama will be noted in the history books as the president who showed us which bathroom to use.