Sound Off

Sound Off for May 14

Sign adjustment, please

Dear City of Long Beach: Please move the "No turn" signs at Five Points up to the signals, where they belong. No one sees them on the posts to the side, and I'm way tired of near misses by the oblivious.

Way to go

Just what we need. Gov. Bryant has signed an open container law. Now it is legal for you to hang out on a street corner with a cup of vodka in your hand and a gun in your belt. But heaven help you if you're a transsexual who needs to use the bathroom. You can go to jail for that.

Takes the cake

Yes, Congress has been a big disappointment for many years -- whether by Democrat or Republican control. But to call Obama a "leader" really takes the cake. Please quit drinking the Kool-Aid!

Do the math

Put pen to paper, Gulfport. There is a lot of hoopla about the proposed aquarium to be built in Gulfport. I hear a lot about the cost, but I don't hear anything about the cost to operate the facility, once built. The city needs to break down the cost by the average price of a ticket and how many people will need to pass through the doors each day in order for the aquarium to be self sufficient. Cities have a habit of building attractions that cannot sustain themselves, and it then becomes a burden to the taxpayers.

Selective memories

"Omission," The House of Representatives huddled together many times to try and deal with President Obama. Remember that huddle, where they thought they would make him a one-term president? Remember all those meetings to try to damage him as president? We all remember the meetings and votes, to repeal ACA, as they call it ObamaCare. We all remember. Some people have selective memory.

Respect, please

Please do not dump your yard trash and junk at the entrance or side of the old Handsboro Cemetery on the old Lorraine Road. How would you feel if your loved ones were buried at this cemetery and every time you came to their graves, all you see is the trash from your fine neighbor Bayou Oaks, which is right on the side of the entrance and joins all the way across the back of the cemetery? There are always piles of trash bags and limbs that were cut from your lawns piled there. We feel this is very disrespectful to our loved ones and us. We also saw you use the cemetery Floral Memorial Garden, to let your pets take a dump on their property and their loved ones. It is hard enough to get this old historical cemetery cared for and there are still people being buried in it. Can you please have a little respect for our loved ones and their families and put your garbage and limbs somewhere else?