Sound Off

Sound Off for May 13

They tried

The House and Senate did try to "deal" with President Obama, but it did not work because he is a better leader than the whole lot of them together. Proof is in the facts.

Worth the effort

Another child has died in a hot car. I know day-care centers are busy, busy places, especially in the morning during drop-off time. These deaths could be prevented if day-care centers would make a phone call when a child doesn't show up for the day. I know 99 percent of the time it would turn out he/she isn't coming. Someone's sick, or there is an emergency, or they're running late. But in the other 1 percent they may be saving a life.

Luck is a factor

You can prepare all you want and make every right choice that is available to you; still if that opportunity doesn't present itself you can't be that perfect image of the Rugged Individualist Poster Child. Sorry, but without some luck you are, as they say, "out of luck."

How can it be?

I read where a mother left her 2-year-old child in her car and she died. How could anyone forget and leave a child in a hot car to die?

Respect all rights

Thanks so much for publishing Rep. Andy Gipson's excellent editorial in support of HB 1523. Like an earlier article you published by Jameson Taylor of the Mississippi Center for Public Policy, Gipson's article puts all of this in the broader perspective of our fundamental religious liberties historically guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution. We must respect everyone's rights, not just our own.

Makes me proud

I read the article about the Baltimore mayor prohibiting certain travel to Mississippi. It makes me proud of the state of Mississippi and that people want to visit us. I sure don't know of anyone wanting to visit Baltimore.

Makes me mad

"Rep. Hughes will pay a price for the fun he's having" by Charlie Mitchell. If this editorial does not make you furious, you are the fossilized remains of a Neanderthal. The governor and the majority leaders in the Legislature deserve to be impeached, and run out of the state on a rail with tar and feathers. Thanks to them, we are not a U.S. state. We are a third-world fiefdom.

Government in action

Oh, goody, goody! That poor stranded dolphin was saved and reunited with other dolphins. But wait! It took two weeks and three government agencies to do this? Is it hard to understand why folks are entirely fed up with local, state and national governments? Good gosh, that poor dolphin must have thought it was stuck in a typical emergency room waiting area.