Sound Off

Sound Off for May 12

Who's responsible?

The "staff member" who made the $58 million "shortfall" should be penalized and lose their position. Who was overseeing the shortfall?


I see the House of Representatives is huddling today on how to deal with Donald Trump. Why have they never huddled on how to deal with Obama?

What will happen?

What is going to happen when the port does not make its job quota? There is absolutely no legitimate way to make the quota no matter how much time passes.

Not just luck

In his commencement address to Howard University grads, President Obama said successful people are lucky, and it wasn't anything they did to be the success they are. I disagree. Luck is when preparation and right choices meet opportunity.

Pay attention!

People of Mississippi: Please wake up. Your legislators are making decisions that are good for the powerful few. They are not looking out for everyday Mississippians. Automatically voting Republican has placed your state nearly last in everything. Please read in the Sun Herald how your legislators vote. It's eye-opening.

Report it

I was driving on U.S. 90 about a week ago when I witnessed a large commercial box truck blatantly run the red light in front of the USM Gulf Park campus in Long Beach, then proceed to speed past me at way over the speed limit. I noted the company name on the side of the truck (and truck number) and immediately pulled over and Googled that company on my smartphone. I called and spoke to a person of authority, relating what I had seen. He was very interested and appreciative that I called, assuring me this type of driving is not tolerated and would be appropriately addressed. I encourage anyone witnessing this kind of dangerous operation of a vehicle with a company name on it to report it to that company for action.

Patrol, please!

With all the "hype" about slow drivers (those going the correct speed limit or less) staying in the right lane, everyone else seems to have a conclusion that that gives everyone else the right to put the "pedal to the metal." More dangerous yet is that the left-lane speeders do not yield for those needing to move left for upcoming turns. In fact, most of the time they speed up even more to block you out. It seems to me these drivers are breaking the law and then throwing salt on our wounds for obeying the law. We need unmarked patrol cars in the right lanes to enforce the rules of the road, citing those speeding and other safe-driving infractions.