Sound Off

Sound Off for May 11

Think again

Don't think Trump won't win. Remember the Saints won the Super Bowl.

Should be required

Amen to equal service. Yes it is time to require military service for all who qualify mentally and physically. Even more important, no person should be able to run for president or vice president of the United States without at least two years active duty. That should also go for anyone in the presidential line of succession.

So long!

To Congressman Paul Ryan -- don't let the door hit you in the rear. Good riddance to all those GOP elite who still refuse to get onboard and support the "people's choice."

Can you hear us?

Can you hear us now? President Obama has put forth a Supreme Court nominee who is acceptable to both parties with plenty of time to vet and vote on him. But Republican senators refuse because they want the people to speak. The people did speak; they chose Obama by huge margins, twice, before Scalia died in February. The GOP just doesn't want to hear us. Guess we'll just have to speak louder.


Combative person attacks sheriff's deputies and is fatally shot? This is truly tragic, but only a dangerous person would attack someone with a gun and the training to use it.


A special thank you goes out to our exceptional Councilman Paul A. Tisdale for following up on all the projects that come up in his Ward 5. You are such as blessing to all of us in this ward. A special thank you from Oakmont Place.

Slow down

Did I miss something? When did the DOT raise the speed limit from 45 mph to 60 mph on U.S. 90? They haven't changed the signs yet. I work on U.S. 90 everyday. Please slow down. The life you save may be mine.