Sound Off

Sound Off for May 8

It could happen

In the past, "Discriminatory's" question would have been a moot point. That a person would even think of going into a restaurant without proper clothing would have been considered rude, crude and disrespectful. However, in this day of "political correctness" and "me" you could likely sue and win a case for discrimination.

Running the gauntlet

I, too, hate it when smoking employees cluster around the door of a business. I call this "the Gauntlet." I hold my breath and dive in. I hate cigarette smoke, my husband has COPD because of it and these people don't seem to care about the horrible smell. They group in front by the door and it's worse in the colder months. They might as well be standing out there with needles in their veins! That's what it reminds me of.

Frame some from west

When I look at the photos in Marquee Framed in Fridays' paper I notice most of the places are in Jackson County. Very few are in Harrison County and more rare Hancock County. Could we see a few more places toward the west now and then? Thanks for letting me Sound Off.

Don't let dolphin die

Is red tape really strangling an effort to save the dolphin in the Ocean Springs lagoon? Have we, as a people, become so impotent in the face of challenge that nobody can cut through the bureaucracy and perform a simple humanitarian act? Shall we all sit around and watch it swim till it dies? What a lesson for our children.

Not well thought out

Are the politicians saying they will not support Donald Trump not smart enough to realize they are the reason millions of people are supporting Mr. Trump? The current Republican Congress has done absolutely nothing to stop Obama's liberal agenda. Who cares if Lindsay Graham, Paul Ryan or whoever does not support Mr. Trump. These people have done absolutely nothing to support conservatives.

Too many rules

This US government is definitely going to regulate and mandate small businesses out of business. Just try to run a small business and try to understand all the rules and regulations. Big government is running us out of business and the government employees are just keeping their jobs implementing the crazy regulations.

Disappointed in Bernie

I am disappointed in Bernie Sanders. I thought he was a fair, moral and kind man. Yet he has not spoken out against the mean and hate-filled words and actions of large groups of his supporters against Hillary Clinton or her supporters. This makes him look bad. They aren't acting any better than the Trump troublemakers.