Sound Off

Sound Off for May 7

Great parents

Thank you, Rebecca and Andrea, for adopting beautiful baby Regan. We need so many more parents like you. God bless you.

Good deeds

Dickie Scruggs is doing Mississippi proud to be a real help to our young adults. Making a difference in the number of GED graduates is a big help to all Mississippians.

Gullible warming

If you think climate change is real, then you must also believe Bill and Hillary Clinton have never told a lie.

Get onboard

The old GOP Elite just does not get it -- the people have spoken. Trump is their candidate. Support him or lose the election and support from those who are just fed up with the status quo.

Bad memory?

"Take note" seems not to remember very well. The Clinton years were very good for the middle class and in fact were good for all classes. Seems the middle class is fed up with the GOP that has done nothing in the past eight years.

Gun crazy

With the new gun laws that allow anyone to open carry anywhere we are killing ourselves. Our law officers must have training and background checks but now citizens without any of that are allowed to carry. Law officers will be forced to shoot first and question later.

Smoke screen

Let's ignore basic economics. That way we can concern ourselves with who uses what bathroom instead of holding Congress accountable for our $19 trillion debt and pending economic catastrophe.

Lost my business

Was shocking to read the State Board of Health is reducing inspectors for restaurants in the state. And really, if you get an 'A' you could go a year without an inspection? I used to avoid establishments with a 'B' or 'C.' Now I will save money and eat at home.

Thank you!

This is a big thank-you to the crew who is out re-paving Churchill Avenue in Bay Vista. It's a very well-traveled road and has been in need of re-paving for quite some time. Hats off to those who made it happen. Now I can drive down the street and not have to dodge so many potholes and lumpy patches of asphalt.

Move along

Don't look back. On Thursday, former Presidents George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush refused to rally behind Trump to defeat Hillary Clinton; also chiming in was former Sen. Bob Dole. These people are the past, and we must look forward. I will admit that I was not a big Trump fan. However, I certainly do not want the alternative.