Sound Off

Sound Off for May 6

Real race, please?

Wouldn't it be nice if we actually had a real presidential race, where candidates told us their own assets and what they will try to do for our country to make it better?

Take note

The Democrats better take note. Hillary is the status quo establishment politician. The Clinton history is less than friendly to the middle class. The Clinton history is very friendly to the status quo. The middle class is fed up with the status quo. Many Democrats will reject her for the outsider Trump. The writing is on the wall.

Fuzzy logic

Is it "fuzzy math" on gasoline pricing? Or is it looking for a simplistic solution to a very complex process? The price of crude is only the beginning of a long, complex process with refining, transporting and retailing, all playing key roles. Most gasoline retail outlets don't like to post higher gas prices; they'd much rather get you inside their "convenience store" where you pay (higher prices) "conveniently." The very fact that gasoline prices have hit all-time highs followed by lows should tell you no one can "rig" the system. Oh, by the way, when was the last time Congress grilled the oil company execs about gas prices? If "fuzzy math" makes you happy, stick with it.


After reading the Sound Off "Intolerance is wrong" in Thursday's newspaper a thought came to me. Under the current political correctness views in our country and state today would I be asked to leave an upscale restaurant on the Coast if I wanted to enjoy a good meal without wearing a shirt? Would this be discriminatory?

Just me?

Does it annoy anyone else that establishments, retail and department stores allow their employees to smoke and throw their cigarette remains on the sidewalk in front of the doors where customers have to chock their way into the entrance? Do any of them think of asthma suffers? Then you smell it on yourself. Aren't there places in the back for this? One hundred feet is still too close. I have been wanting to complain for a long time. Does anyone else feel this way?

Trump vs. Hillary

Many of the elitist politicians and media talking heads say a President Trump will be a disaster. Given the sad state of our economy, our foreign relations, student test scores, and our divided society, Trump can only do better. Hillary will give us more of the same. My hope for what was once a great country has waned and all I have left is a little change. I pray for a truthfully correct America, not a politically correct America.