Sound Off

Sound Off for May 5

Speed limit

Is it possible to change the speed limit on Duckworth Road in Gulfport to 70 mph? Most people think that is the speed limit now. We need a solution.

More to come

Get ready, folks! The battle is on -- Trump versus Clinton!

Anyone know?

Does every day care move students around to keep ratios correct? My grandchild just started day care, and they do this. I don't think it's right; but I don't know. So before I look for another day care I'm curious if this is the norm for all day cares.

Fuzzy math?

I've noticed that when crude oil goes up a dollar a barrel, gas goes up 10 cents a gallon. But, when crude oil drops $2 a barrel, gas prices drop only a couple of cents a gallon; sometimes not at all. Is it just me or does it seem like someone is using fuzzy math?

Go elsewhere

In regards to the article in the April 27 newspaper about the VA, I would like to voice my opinion. I, too, am a wounded Vietnam veteran. My day starts at valet parking where they say "good morning" and "welcome" to me, and help me with my mobility scooter. Going down the hall to the elevators, doctors, nurses and janitors say good morning to me. I go to the lab for blood-work and again I am greeted with a smile and a thank you. My doctors and nurses and my pharmacist treat me with respect and a smile with every visit. Even the personnel in the coffee shop treat me with respect and dignity. The people in the article are disgruntled and the other side of the coin is not shown. I would like to thank the Biloxi VA, and my doctors and nurses for taking great care of me. If these people are so dissatisfied, there are civilian doctors who will let them wait two hours for an office visit and pay the high price of medication.

Intolerance is wrong

Two Sound Offs today illustrate one of the main problems in our country today, intolerance. Two-way street indicates a person who has a problem with a business, for religious reasons, but should be for any reason, should just find another business. If store A sells products more inferior to store B, the average person would simply go to store B. If it is that bad the store would eventually fail. The writer of "Let us know" is demonstrating the very intolerance they are supposed to be against by trying to force a store to close. They basically indicate a shop owner who refuses to serve a customer wearing no shirt is OK but if the same person refuses a member of the LGBT community, they are automatically wrong. This is wrong. Intolerance is intolerance no matter what a person's personal philosophy.