Sound Off

Sound Off for May 4


New York businesses will raise the minimum wage to $11 an hour by the end of 2016, then by $2 each year until it hits $15 by the end of 2018. Now that's socialism!

Too classy

Ted Cruz will not receive the Republican nomination simply because he has too much class for the modern American electorate.

Flood solution?

I notice as I drive around in Gulfport and parts of Harrison County the side ditches are full of trash and weeds, and the culverts going to driveways are stopped up causing rainwater to back up. Also the ditches all this water drains into are clogged with bushes, and God knows what else. My question: Has anyone thought of keeping these things trash-free so the water can flow freely? Maybe this would cut down on some flooding?

Whom to blame

A smart business owner reinvests profit into the business to grow it. This leads to more jobs, higher wages and higher family income. Profit is reduced by excessive taxes and regulations. If you wonder why middle-class income has gone down over the past eight years, blame President Obama, not the business world. A business has to pay the bills. Paying taxes and the cost of hyper-regulation is less money for jobs and wages.

Thanks, liberals

I'll bet most of those opposed to the Oyster Farm being considered for public waters are planning to vote to "make America great again" in the fall. The irony is when America was great by their definition, the government cared very little for the rights of private landowners. People's houses were bulldozed with wild abandon to make room for freeways and other public projects. Thank the hippies, the liberals and the tree huggers for the fact that we now have public hearings about such matters.