Sound Off

Sound Off for May 3

Spray, please

I would like to know where is the mosquito sprayer? With all this standing water in ditches and yards the little devils will be having a field day. Come on, Gulfport, get the spray man on his rounds.

Mental leap

If you have to ask what the difference between discrimination and not wanting to put your organization in the possible position of discrimination is, you most probably don't possess the mental capacity to understand this basic Christian concept.

Protest deterrent

Instead of tear gas, they now have a very effective way to disperse anti-Trump protestors -- job applications!

More than a note

It would have been helpful if Harrison County had posted on its website that the Dedeaux Road office was affected by the flooding and was not open the other day. There are so many better ways to let the public know other than a handwritten note on the door.

'Socialism light'

You hear that millennials are for socialism. I believe they are for what I call "socialism light." They want the socialistic "cake" to be re-distributed from the very successful but they want to keep the successful capitalistic "baker."


Watching all the Trump protesters, it looks to me like those claiming to hate hate are displaying most of the hate. And don't think for a minute that these so-called "protesters" aren't organized by someone with big money.


New York City businesses will raise the minimum wage to $11 an hour by the end of 2016, then increase it by $2 each year until it hits $15 by the end of 2018. Businesses with 10 or fewer employees will get an extra year to reach that goal. Wow, now that's progress!

Two-way street

To "Another line of work," if you are a consumer and you want a business owner to do something that is against their faith, simply be tolerant and go find a business that will fulfill your wants. Tolerance works both ways.

Let us know

I want to be with the person who will put businesses out of business if they refuse to serve anyone due to religious reason. Please let us know which businesses to ban.


We would like to thank the young man who literally gave us the shirt off his back and visitors from Wisconsin who gave us a ride home when my husband tripped on the broken seawall concrete. Your kindness and quick response was greatly appreciated. A trip to the ER required stitches and bandages but due to your response, he will be fine. We will pay it forward.