Sound Off

Sound Off for May 2

Festival success

Thank you to the City of Biloxi and the Biloxi-Gulfport Black Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring Biloxi's first Multicultural Heritage and Legacy Festival on Saturday. It was a promising start. I hope there will be many more. We have much wonderful diversity to appreciate and celebrate. There were many nice craft tents.

Bless you

To the person in front of me at Taco Bell on Beauvoir Road on Saturday evening: Thank you for paying for my meal. There was apparently a chain going and I want to let you know I paid it forward to the car behind me. May God bless you and your family always.

A bit of luck

"Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy," said Winston Churchill. Many people today want socialism because it enables their failure, ignorance and envy. Conversely, capitalism encourages success, knowledge and self-fulfillment. Not all people attain success, knowledge and self-fulfillment under free-market capitalism, but they have equal opportunity to do so. With proper education, work ethic and a bit of luck, success can be theirs!


Why do people continuously run over dead animals in the roadway? Do they not look? It used to be that animal control would pick up dead animals on the road, but not anymore. They just lay there and rot away.

Good Samaritan

I would like to thank again Jason and his wife for helping me and following me to the hospital after a bicyclist hit me on the Biloxi Bay Bridge. I was checked and I'm fine! Thank you again.

More parking

Based on my Friday night experience at the Shuckers game, there needs to be more parking. There were a lot of empty handicapped spaces under Interstate 110. You can't fill the stadium if there's not enough parking. Seems like there's a lot of open space near MGM Park that could be turned into parking.

Public exclusion

If HB 1523 is going to be a law in Mississippi, and apparently it is beginning July 1, then it should be accompanied by 1524 (or a law of some other available number) which would require businesses to publish to whom they will refuse service (if anyone). A business which is going to deny service to certain customers should be legally required to post an exclusion statement on their window or door. That way people who will not be welcomed will not have to be turned away face-to-face. That would be less stressful for the business workers and the unwanted customer, and prevent confrontations.