Sound Off

Sound Off for May 1

Where's the difference?

I'm really confused and maybe a reader can help me out. HB 1523 allows businesses to refuse service to those who violate their religious beliefs. So entertainers, businesses and tourists say they will not come to Mississippi because of it. Aren't they, in fact, demonstrating they are using the very law they despise to deny us their services due to our religious beliefs? It's very confusing to me.

Poor, slandered Lucifer

Boehner's assessment of Cruz besmirches the good name of Lucifer.

Rights need protection

Thanks for publishing Jameson Taylor's splendid editorial. HB 1523 is not motivated by hate, but seeks to protect real constitutional rights of some among us, rights the opposition simply ignores. It makes one wonder where discrimination really resides.

Bullying is bullying

Recently, my wife and I made our first visit to a newly opened fast-food restaurant in Biloxi. While we were eating, a customer evidently had what he considered a bad experience. Instead of approaching a manager he vented his unhappiness on a young lady who happened to be cleaning tables nearby. The young lady was blindsided by his anger and did not deserve the tongue lashing he gave her. Stating he knew the owner and could have everyone fired was nothing more than bullying by a grown man against someone who deserved none of it. I guess it made him feel like a hero to the people dining with him. Ask to speak to management, don't take it out on a young, high school-aged person. Bullying is bullying no matter your age.

Last to feel effects

To Facts Don't Prove Climate Change: It is absurd to claim global warming is a myth because a 35-year-old ship gets stuck in ice at the South Pole. The South Pole is the coldest place on the planet. That's why it's called the opinion page. Move along, nothing to see here.

Send a message

I'm glad the Gulfport Police Department is cracking down on petty crimes. Last year when I called about a petty crime I was treated like I was wasting their time. I do feel taking care of small crimes sends a message that no type of crime will be tolerated. I hope the crackdown can occasionally include speeding in residential areas, and littering.

Respect is earned

Some say patriotism means you must support your country and your government at all times. I agree I must support my country at all times. I will respect and support my government when it deserves it.

Deputies need to stop this

Many drivers from Menge Avenue are not yielding at I-10 east to traffic from Firetower Road, which has the right of way. The area needs to be observed by our county deputies.