Sound Off

Sound Off for April 29

Get over it

Mississippi politicians need to get over their gold-digger mentality, stop calling the Gulf Restoration money "BP money," and use it to actually restore the damaged Gulf. Any other use should be considered criminal.

Bring it back

Today was the last day Waste Managment serviced Diamondhead. I left two bottles of cheer right by the trash can with a thank you note attached to it like we do every Christmas. A blue truck came out of nowhere; a person in a white T-shirt took the bag with the bottles. We have the whole thing on tape. Now, be good and bring the stolen items back.

Bad manners

Donald Trump making fun of the way one eats. He should come to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, we aren't the best in manners. Eating crawfish, boiled shrimp, raw oysters, corn on the cob barbecue ribs, watermelon, fried chicken that is finger-licking good. Have an eating contest? He'd say, "Disgusting!" while we are enjoying every bite and proud to be eating.

Think before you speak

Unintended Consequences? Citing potential economic losses due to political incorrectness, most politicians and many businesses here on the Coast decided to seriously criticize and reprimand the governor and Legislature for passing HB1523. Perhaps some consideration of who is responsible for apportioning the BP Settlement Millions would have been wise. It would seem logical that creating bad will while holding out your hand could have unintended negative consequences.


Thank you to Waste Management for giving us a great team of guys for these past years. Thank you to them for exceptional service and for being part of our community. You two were friendly, patient with older folks and a positive part of our week. I appreciate your taking the time to shake our hands goodbye and say thank you for the business. Congratulations to Wiggins. You are getting the best team in the business. Take care of them for us, because they've taken great care of us for years. They will take great care of you.

The problem

The supporters of HB 1523 are said to be hateful, discriminatory, and not acting as Jesus would. Jesus did not hate nor discriminate against sinners, but He never sinned. HB 1523 protects a Christian businessman against a lawsuit when he refuses to participate in a sin such as a same-sex union. It does not protect him from a lawsuit if he refuses to admit an admitted LGBT into his business. While same-sex union may not be a big problem for most businesses, it becomes a huge problem for the one business who is targeted and sued for refusing to participate.